Helsinki: Mobile Dev Camp 2010

In less than week there will be the Mobile Dev Camp 2010 in Helsinki. The event is all about mobile devices and as well about Maemo. Planned activities from our side are:


People from Maemo Devices and Forum Nokia will be present in the Nokia workshop room during the entire event. Come around to ask questions, chat, ask for demonstrations and discuss about topics around the development environment. There won’t be a fixed schedule, but everything around your questions. Showing how to set-up the environment, small code-snippets, how to start developing for Nokia devices etc. The goal is to get the hands on Qt-development for mobile devices and have some fun. For the people who are working on applications for the competition, there will be support for all your questions.


Around the event there will be a competition and Nokia will arrange one category. The basic idea of the competition is to implement a Qt application, which runs either on Maemo, on Symbian or on both and to do that in 48 hours. We offer basic support at the event. The topic about what you have to implement, we will be published on Thursday 17:00 (UTC) in the wiki. Check out from there, where to sign up and what you can win.

We are looking forward to seeing you there. So if you can manage to be at the event, take the challenge and sign up for the competition!


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