SSO – Update I

As is now in beta mode and the new style is adapted to almost all the different services of the community side, the need for a proper SSO solution increased. So I want to give a brief update, to show that the work on this solution is ongoing. Some weeks ago I proposed a possible way to adapt a SSO-concept to the set of services and after some discussion about that it will contain these components:

  • CAS as a centralised authentication server
  • The user-authentication will be realised against a LDAP directory in the first place, later by OpenID
  • Services will interact with the server by using provided client libraries

The reasons for this set up can be found here. At the moment I am working on building up a test environment and start to integrate the services, which are needed. I will keep you up-to date how the work is proceeding.

Hyvää vappua ;)



1 Response to “SSO – Update I”

  1. 1 Ed May 4, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    did you look at foaf+ssl as an alternative to openID as a SSO solution?

    just sayin’

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